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Bruce Allen Photography
Above and Behind Chiro Health
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Sheboygan Photographer

Article by Larry Boeldt 03/07/2005

Russel H. Cronwell, in his inspirational story "Acres of Diamonds" resolves to a simple moral: before you search for the beauty of diamonds abroad, try and find them in your own back yard. The moral tells us to look for beauty that is hidden all around us.

As a photographer, Bruce Sneen has uncovered the hidden beauty of our small town time and time again. From playful Sheboyganites taking in a festival, to the enchanting Sunrises on Lake Michigan. Bruce has a way of reminding all of us how blessed we are to have this great city. Sheboygan is blessed to have such a talanted photographer share his view through the lense.

So if you need Senior Pictures, Wedding Photos, or Family Photos you will surely glow like diamonds if you call Designer Photography by Bruce.

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Article: Sheboygan Photographer
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